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Freshen Up Your Apartment With These Home Decorating Tips

If you have just moved to a new apartment or simply redecorating your old one, there’s a whole list of things you should do. Especially when trying to freshen up your place, bring in something new, and get rid of that old look, you have to be extra creative and really put your mind to work. What will you do, what will you change and what should you purchase? To help you answer all these questions, here is a list of things which you should do in order to freshen up the place.

Lighten things up

Every living space deserves a change once in a while. If you are redecorating yours, consider lightening it up by changing the color of the walls for starters. If you used to have a dark tone, switch to a different one that will lighten the room. Cream, white, and shades of yellow are great colors for a fresh change. Also, add a few additional lights around the house. Lamps can be placed on your coffee table, nightstand, near the stairway, or even in the living room. No house can have too many lights.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Some people found out that by adding a few extra mirrors inside your house, you can actually make the place look bigger and airier. The trick is in making the light bounce around the room, which makes it feel lighter and bigger. Mirrors come in different sizes and designs, so consider those that fit in your style. Make sure you place a few opposite the window for maximum light-bounce effect.

Replace or renew the furniture

It is about time you replaced your furniture set with a new one. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it, but look for great deals that will allow you to purchase several things at once, at a discounted price. We’re talking about chairs, coffee table, couch and sofa, kitchen table and maybe even your bed. All of these will eventually require a replacement, so it’s better to do it all at once if you have a deep enough wallet. Ensure that they match your new style. Smaller furniture can make your place look bigger, and vice versa.

Get a new rug

Rugs are a great addition to almost any room in the house. They complement the house with an additional taste of fashion, style, and luxury, as well as a touch of freshness. Rugs vary in size, color, texture, and shape, and depending on your room, its size and style, and your personal liking, you can choose a rug that will fit perfectly. There are plenty of cheap modern rugs which you could purchase at your local carpet store or online. Don’t miss the auctions, they’re a great way to save a lot of money and still get a rare and awesome rug.

Change the curtains

Even though it might not sound like a big deal, curtains do give a strong sense of character to your apartment. If they are grey and transparent, it might feel like there’s a 50-year-old in the house, which is not a bad thing if you are an elderly person. But, if you are a young person with even younger family members, stick with something classy and colorful. Curtains are pretty cheap, but add great value and style to your home.

Additional things which you may consider are adding more flowers, changing wallpapers, removing the clutter, and changing your welcome mat. You don’t have to change everything, but since you’re redecorating, might as well change most of them. Bring out something new, inspiring, and creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment.


The Essentials To the Right Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart

wheelbarrow garden cart

The concept of a wheelbarrow is very simple, it comprises of a bin for holding materials, handles for lifting it and either one or two wheels for transporting it. So when you are looking to buy a sturdy, durable wheelbarrow, what should you be looking for?

When looking to buy a sturdy wheelbarrow suitable for your needs, you need to consider the number of wheels it has. The one wheel option tends to be lighter in weight and more maneuverable, while the two wheel version can carry more weight as is better balanced but is more awkward to move. Whichever you choose, you need to ensure that the wheel or wheels are sturdy and have good tyres. Some modern wheelbarrows even come with brakes to allow for safer usage.

The handles are also an important factor when looking to buy a wheelbarrow. You need to make sure the wheelbarrow doesn’t have wooden handles as these are likely to splinter. As an alternative you can choose metal handles or a more comfortable option is the plastic handle which is often ergonomically designed with finger grips.

Manually wheelbarrows are great and there some real heavy duty brutes out there. You do get what you pay for so be cautious and look closely at the specifications

Whatever your final choice, wheelbarrows are one of the most useful tools in the garden or on a building site. They allow you to carry your things with ease and cover more ground quickly.

Lighthouse Quilters

Lighthouse Quilters

Welcome to the friendliest little quilt guild in the Northwest.  We are located in Mukilteo, WA, just west of the city of Everett.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for guild members and our community to learn more about our craft.  We believe that helping those out who need a little extra TLC, through organizations that serve such clientele as disadvantaged children in Snohomish County, and some very special seniors served by the organizations is a great calling. If you think about your regular interactions, putting a smile on, or giving a quilt can change someones entire day.  

Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters was founded in 2005. Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn more about the craft of quilting, to be involved in community outreach and give our time and energy to creating quilts for community service. In our short history, we have made over one hundred quilts for selected organizations that provide services and housing to seniors, foster children that graduate from high school, and children removed from their homes prior to entering the foster program. If you share our passion for quilting, please join us.

There are many different types of quilts that you can make. The act of taking the time to make something for someone else is nourishing to the soul and can help you as well as the person receiving the quilt. There are many ways to give back and donate. Southern Illinois Epoxy has even given discounted floors away to people that need them. If you have a mind of giving, good things will happen.

Senior Services of Snohomish County

Senior Services of Snohomish County

Classic Vinyl fundraising dinner show

Reserve your ticket now for this one-of-a-kind Classic Vinyl fund-raising event that will rock the house.

Senior Services will hold its 5th annual fundraising dinner show on Friday, March 4, at the…

Caregivers need to take care of themselves

Senior Services’ Family Caregiver Support program often receive calls from family caregivers asking for advice on how to be a good caregiver and also take care of themselves. This is especially…

Volunteers help make independence a reality

Art Shultz lost his right arm and an eye at Normandy during World War II. He also suffered an injury to his remaining eye and was shot up so badly that he spent several years recovering.

Learn how to manage your health condition and live your best life

Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshops are designed to help individuals who have ongoing health conditions (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, chronic pain, arthritis, and hypertension) manage

Comfort Quilt

Comfort Quilt

The Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters is a small group of about 45 quilters.  One of our missions is to make and donate quilts to deserving children and adults in our community.  The committee works together to coordinate both donated fabric and purchased fabric.  Once a year we display all of our coordinated fabric packs at a meeting and our members can select just the pack for them.  Making a comfort quilt is sometimes completely done by one member, but we do have members who like to just piece, and some of our members who are long arm quilters will volunteer to machine quilt.  It does take a village!!   Sometimes the committee will set up Sew-In’s, so that we can come together, share our work, learn new techniques and of course, socialize.  

Each May we hold the Comfort Quilt Show, where finished comfort quilts are put on display at the monthly MLQ meeting.  The year 2013 was a recorded breaker for us, as we made and donated 103 quilts to children and adults in our community.  

We gave quilts to foster children in Snohomish County who graduated from high school.  In Snohomish County, it is sad to say, only about 30% of foster children graduate from high school.  At an annual celebration each June, graduating seniors are provided with a hope chest which contains some essentials for starting life independently: basic linens, towels, kitchen supplies and a quilt.  In 2013, we donated 23 “Grad Quilts”.  We are told that often teenagers must move out of their foster homes upon graduation, as that is when the state-provided support ends.  The hope chest likely contains the only belongings the young adults have to start independent lives.

In 2011 we started donating quilts to Hand In Hand, Safe Place.  Safe Place is a sanctuary for children from infancy to 12 years of age who have been removed from their homes during a time of family crisis.  The facility is licensed to be open seven days a week and a child may stay there for three days while a social worker finds just the right foster home for them.  The children are given medical help if needed, showers, warm meals, new clothes, and lots of TLC.  We donated 45 quilts to them this year.  For the last few years the committee has encouraged our membership to bring a donation of underwear, socks, and pajamas to the club’s annual Christmas party to be given to the facility.  Every year we are quite overwhelmed with the large donations we are able to provide Safe Place to help them start their new year.

In December of 2013, we again donated quilts to Senior Services of Snohomish County’s Meals on Wheels program.  We always deliver our quilts to Senior Services when we know we will have a chance to see and talk with many of the drivers who deliver the Meals on Wheels.  They have a great time looking at all the quilts and finding just the right one for one of their special clients.  This year we donated 33 quilts to Senior Services.

We also donated 2 quilts to two deserving families from Columbia Elementary School in Mukilteo.

Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver

The Family Caregiver Support Program helps unpaid caregivers in Snohomish County, providing support to adults 18 and older, continue to care for their loved one while meeting their own mental, physical and emotional needs. Through partnering with a Family Specialist, caregivers identify the areas they want assistance and learn about community resources that best fit their situation.  Caregiver support groups, educational programs, self-care tips, and referrals to community resources can all improve caregiver self-confidence and decrease stress.

Support Resources

  • Family Caregiver Support Program – 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday
  • Partner in the Family Caregiver Programs serving Snohomish County
  • Conduct TCARE Assessments for referrals to Respite Care and other Enhanced Services
  • Care management and individualized consultation
  • Caregiver calendar of events
  • Lending library of caregiver resource materials

Mental Health Access

Mental Health Access

Good mental health enables us to maintain a high quality of life that we can enjoy regardless of our age. Untreated mental health problems can lead to poor health and diminished quality of life.

The Older Adult Mental Health Access program is designed to assist Snohomish County residents, age 60 and older, in accessing available mental health or chemical dependency services.

Many older adults encounter challenges that can contribute to depression or other mental health problems:

  • medical challenges
  • chronic illness or pain
  • major life transitions
  • loss of loved ones

There are supports available. You don’t have to go it alone!

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